Roovee: that is, bikes as technology of the future A Polish company, distinguished by professionalism and passion.

Who are we?

We are a group of Polish engineering, IT, and design specialists. We have challenged huge business groups from abroad by creating our own system of city bikes.

What sets us apart?

An entirely Polish technological idea, production, and capital, which in the long run, additionally supports the communities with and for whom we work.

Why do we do this?

Because we believe that bikes are the technology of the future. This invention is almost 200 years old, but it is only now that we can manage it on a large scale. It is consideringthe bike as a system, not just something with a seat and a handle-bar; that is the real innovation.

This is how we see it:

if something poisons people, their food, and their planet, it is not modern. If something jams the streets every morning and every afternoon, stressing out the citizens stuck in traffic, it is not modern.

A kind of modernness that is based on stress and pollution is no modernness at all, just inconvenience. It is a defect that we can get rid of.
Traffic jams are inconvenient. Looking for a parking spot is inconvenient. Living with the consequences of the poisoning of the environment is more than inconvenient – it becomes dangerous.
That is why Roovee is convenient for everyone, and not at the expense of anyone: pedestrians, cyclists, motorists, local governments, and finally, the entire planet.

We offer:

  • a system tried and tested in many cities
  • a refined app with a Polish-language interface (accessible to seniors or people less accustomed to new technological tools)
  • a service that reacts quickly (another benefit of working with a local company, not one whose headquarters are in another country)
  • a refined design of the entire system (from the bikes, to the stands, to the electronics)
  • full supervision over the working of the Roovee system
  • friendly atmosphere from the first day onwards
What do you think about this approach?

Projekt pt. “Wdrożenie na rynek innowacyjnego systemu IoT do zarządzania flotą rowerów i innych pojazdów lekkich w oparciu o projekt wzorniczy” współfinansowany ze środków Unii Europejskiej w ramach Programu Operacyjnego Inteligentny Rozwój