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roovee is urban bikes designed specially for you and tailored to your needs. You decide how long you ride your roovee bike and where you want to end your journey. We combine the simplicity with the technology so you can use roovee at any time while traveling around the city and beyond.

Created in Poland

for you and your city

roovee was entirely designed in Poland. It's the only so-well-thought-of bike rentals system, which takes into account all the intelligent-transportation needs within the Smart City concept. Our world-class team of designers-engineers has built solution for the 21st century. Full control over electronics and software makes roovee open to the new challenges of today's times and guarantees teleinformatic security. We also offer an unlimited adaptability options thanks to the implementation of integration mechanisms. roovee is more than just a urban bike, it's a modern tool that integrates public transport services.

roovee reflects all of your needs in the Smart City. Want to have a dedicated bike configuration? multi-speed hub, Cardan shaft, colored tires? It's easy, just share your suggestions with us.

About us

We are a team of professionals who use their knowledge, experience and passion to create new, better products for you and your city. Our team is made up of experts specialising in various fields:

  • Creating and developing software, including app design
  • Designing and developing bicycles
  • Designing and developing electronic modules
  • Design
  • Sales, implementation and support
  • Law of new technologies and public procurement procedure

Our team's broad experience guarantees success for you and your city. Be smart and meet us.


Use roovee

It's simple as 1, 2, 3!

Krok 1 - upewnij się czy w Twojej lokalizacji już jest roovee

Make sure that product is already works at your location, you can do it by using the product mobile app.

Krok 2 - pobierz aplikację i odbezpiecz blokadę

Download roovee mobile app, register by entering only your phone number and unlock the lock.

Krok 3 - koniec jazdy

When you reach your destination, just leave the roovee bike at any place or operator-defined stops and then close the lock. If you want to get extra time to use roovee, simply park in our virtual zone.

Reserve roovee

All in one place

With roovee mobile app you can also book your roovee bike and pick it up in the designated parking zone. You can also create your own unique route and share it with your friends. And if you like to spending time with friends ridding bikes, make a shared reservation, you'll get from roovee extra time for the ride.

Get the app

Easy payments

with roovee app

With roovee app ayou can not only pay for roovee bike but also for a bus ticket, parking ticket or even ticket to zoo. You can use blik payment, Visa, Mastercard or SMS payment method using roovee app.

blik, Visa, Mastercard
Easy payments with  roovee app

Operator zone

Bikes and zones map

roovee is a urban bike system with or without parking stations. Return the roovee bike wherever you want or at a dedicated station designated by the operator. Don't worry that you won't be able to get on the bus or tram while looking for the nearest parking station! With roovee you can leave your bike at the interchange switch and choose another means of communication by buying a ticket directly from roovee app. Remember roovee is not just bikes! roovee is an element of an integrated public transport system.

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